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No. 12, Luqing Street, the first economic cooperative of Luogang Village, Junhe Street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou


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+86 13560178071


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Scent Machine

Coverage area:100m³-300m³

Applicable places: restaurants, cinemas / bars / KTV / Internet cafes / matons / leisures, beauty salons / SPA spas / fitness shops / yoga shops, pet shops, etc.

Coverage area:300m³-3000m³

Applicable places: hotel hotel / shopping mall / club, hospital / bank / station, exhibition hall / car 7S shop / restaurant, cinema / bar / KTV / Internet cafe / foot room and other occasions

Coverage area:1000m³-10000m³

Applicable places: hotel hotel / shopping mall / club, hospital / bank / station, exhibition hall / car 7S shop / sales department / office / office / library and other occasions

How Scent machine works

Using the advanced Cold Air Diffusion technology. The compressed air is used to make the fragrance oil into particles, and then mix with the air and become Nano Mist to spread into the environment.


● Nano-sized particles ensure ultra-high utilization of fragrance oil.


● The nano-sized particles can be spreaded into the air. And will not drip or adhere to the surface of the object, and can spread around with the slighter airflow, ensuring the diffusibility of the fragrance.


● Nano-sized particles can be spread over a super-large area by diffusion through a central air conditioner.

  • Production Line

    Production Line

    We have 4 production lines with more than 50 experienced assembly workers. 40,000 fragrance machines are produced every month.

  • Certifications


    Amos has obtained CE / FCC / ROHS / KC/ISO 9001 certificates on all fragrance machines. Essential oils have been approved by SGS

  • R&D


    The R&D team has planes, product designers, architecture and electronics engineers. Provide OEM and ODM services to customers.

2012 year

Founded in

100 W+


9000 M²+

Production scale

Amos aroma just developed the new remotely control system "Smart Scent Machine" system for our clients to do much easier service.
Remotely setting, Fragrance monitoring, Group machines management, Employee management......

Smart Scent Machine application

Amos aroma have our collection of high quality fragrance oil and also we can provide our client customize scents service. 






leather incense


Luxury fashion, aromatic choice, space aromatherapy system integrated solution

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