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Aroma Hotel Aromatherapy Machine Factory Fragrance machine factory essential oil expansion machine
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Aroma Hotel Aromatherapy Machine Factory Fragrance machine factory essential oil expansion machine

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The Aroma fragrance machine is an ideal choice for the space environment of large commercial districts. Using advanced nanometer atomization technology for atomization diffusion of plant essential oil, low oil consumption expansion of wide atomization model, by connecting the central air conditioning system, or fresh air system will spread to every corner of the area of the sweet atmosphere oil particles, diffuse light faint scent in the air, let a person feel suddenly, feel better, to let customers leave a good impression, Let customers here happily negotiate, consume, enjoy, is the smell of marketing customer first real return.
Aroma scent machine style variety, but to little space of 100 cubic meters and 5000 cubic meters of large space places provide fragrance incense, and is suitable for the hotel lobby, a large exhibition hall, department store, wedding studio, subway station, lounge, office building, office, conference room, auto 4 s shops, real estate center, cinema and other large area of small area is expanding.

Guangzhou Aroma Technology Co., LTD., specializing in the production of hotel scent machine, hotel expansion machine, sweet atmosphere system, hotel hotel fragrance system, hotel fragrance diffusion, bazaar aromatherapy machine, large expansion machine, add incense machine, central air conditioning add incense machine, central air conditioner expansion incense machine, incense equipment, expansion device, sweet atmosphere transmission system, sweet atmosphere diffusion system, spiced system, expansion of sweet, spicy, Aromatherapy instrument, large incense spraying equipment, large incense adding equipment, environmental protection incense expanding equipment, hotel incense adding machine, hotel incense instrument, incense adding service, incense expanding service, aromatherapy service, fragrance diffusion service, hotel fragrance machine rental. Ten years factory, set product design, development, production and marketing into a high-tech enterprises, the production base covers an area of 9000 square meters, the factory has more than 5000 square meters production workshop, several semi-automatic and fully automatic modernization production line, has a perfect production management system to ensure products are unluckily to complete, QC inspection before leaving the factory, Arnoma is a manufacturer of fragrance equipment for ten years, the power of the brand, the guarantee of the brand.