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Fragrance machine hotel scent machine aroma machine central air conditioning fragrance machine manufacturer
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Fragrance machine hotel scent machine aroma machine central air conditioning fragrance machine manufacturer

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In today's increasingly diversified economy, products with the same function, different types of enterprises, and even different types of products of the same series of enterprises are competing to imitate. Imitate each other in a variety of marketing methods, such as design, physical and chemical functions, advertising, product packaging, after-sales service. No innovation, no breakthrough, so the technical content of products, will gradually converge.

Without a doubt, it is an indisputable fact that an attractive aroma will make consumers stay longer in a business environment, thus bringing business opportunities. Decorate their own environment with fragrance, fragrance marketing system expansion machine, will be attractive fragrance applied to brand design and promotion, will provide a strong power for the rapid growth of the brand.
In shopping malls, "fragrance marketing" has been fully used in the field of cosmetics. As soon as you enter a shopping mall, the fragrance of the cosmetics section will be on your face, especially at some of the perfume counters. In fact, the cosmetics counter is located on the first floor, which is of special marketing significance. For example, in SAN Yang Baisen, where cosmetics are concentrated, brands such as Chanel and Anna Sui on the first floor spray perfume at the counter several times a day, so that customers can quickly get their unique fragrance as soon as they enter. Counter staff will also spray perfume, with, clothing makeup match, play a role in promoting the main products.

Aroma fragrance marketing system expansion machine can be selected according to the size of the space, add fragrance effect, effect performance and economic budget!

Home gadgets, such as aromatherapy lights, can create a warm and romantic environment for individuals and families in a small area! The car or desk can choose the sachets or sachets to change personal space! To incense items or small public places, you can use an Anoma or a spray machine, etc! Automatic operation, independent selection of fragrance, automatic fragrance diffusion system, suitable fragrance! Hotel KTV, office building, photo studio, conference room, etc. Use the fragrance system! It can be combined with the environment for the enterprise to create a good perfume brand, grasp the customer's psychology, effectively marketing, at the same time affect the customer to produce a positive effect, change their views, enhance the advertising effect! Automatic incense spreader.

Guangzhou Aroma Technology Co., LTD., specializing in the production and sales of fragrance machine hotel expansion sweet scented machine factory house central air-conditioning sweet atmosphere, the main products are hotel sweet atmosphere, hotel expansion machine, hotel add incense machine, incense equipment, casting machine, breeze machine, aromatherapy system, aromatherapy machine, enlarge service, hotel sweet atmosphere system, marketing plans of fragrance flavoring machine, smell marketing expansion machine, Ten years of production and sales experience, the production base is located in Guangzhou, the production workshop more than 5000 square meters, a number of modern automatic production lines, a perfect production management system, the daily output can reach tens of thousands, production assurance, quality assurance, delivery time assurance.