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How to add fragrance to the cinema fragrance machine
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How to add fragrance to the cinema fragrance machine

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Watching movies, shopping together about 3322, is a common everyday routine way to relax, time to rest, in particular, malls and movie theaters is the place where the gathered crowds, the cinema is a place where show the movie to the audience, the most at the beginning of the film in cafes, tea houses and other places, with the progress and development of the film, people more and more like this kind of entertainment, I also enjoy the pleasure this brings to life. There are cinemas built specifically for screening movies. Nowadays, cinemas are developing rapidly in both decoration and design and in service, and cinema operators are constantly trying to innovate to better attract customers to use personalized leisure space -- space plus aroma.

Cinema exudes charming fragrance, this idea comes from the hotel, the phenomenon of hotel adding fragrance is more and more common, through the charming fragrance to attract customers, give customers to deepen the impression of the hotel. The operator uses the hotel fragrance system (incense expanding machine) technology to apply in the cinema. The fragrance oil atomized by the large space incense expanding machine spreads to the space of the cinema, filling the whole space with fragrance, enjoying the fragrance of the film space and making the mood more pleasant.

Movie space to add essential oil and essential oil, can not blindly choose, according to the movie, with popcorn flavor and essential oil for the space to add flavor.

Guangzhou Aroma Technology Co., Ltd. is a fragrance enterprise integrating product design, research and development, production and sales. The company owns its own brand Amos Aroma, which owns many independent intellectual property rights and has obtained dozens of patent certificates. Has won many product qualification certificates and enterprise honors such as: 9001 Quality Inspection System certificate, international certification quality inspection report, THE United States FC certification, the European Union CE certification, The China Manufacturing factory inspection certification, the 3A level integrity management demonstration unit, 3A level credit, 3A level quality service unit, The Pacific Insurance, the contract and trustworthy unit and other certificates.