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Various incense adding utensils incense spraying machine, incense machine, incense expanding machine and the difference of cane incense
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Various incense adding utensils incense spraying machine, incense machine, incense expanding machine and the difference of cane incense

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Incense machine: mechanical incense machine, low cost, relatively rough work, its working principle is a kind of automatic control by the circuit, through the motor mechanical transmission, in a timing trigger way to let the perfume erupt, the smell is more pungent. Environmental protection sex is poorer. It is wall hang type to install commonly, can stick hang the place that needs to increase fragrance to improve air environment such as public place or toilet.

Contains alcohol and other inflammable products, public places are afraid of collision and fire, temperature exceeds 49 degrees when there is a danger of perfume bottle explosion, generally powered by battery, use time is short, stability is not very good. High risk factor, not suitable for large public places.

Aroma machine: it is used to decompose water molecules and dissolved plant essential oils into a nanoscale cold mist with a diameter of 0.1-5 microns through the high-frequency vibration generated by the ultrasonic vibration equipment, and then send it out into the surrounding air to make the air full of fragrance. Small size, small space for incense expansion, can be used for humidification, this kind of products for home more.
Use a variety of ways to atomize water and pure plant essential oil, make the bedroom maintains higher humidity, produce the natural negative oxygen ion of certain amount, purify air, achieve the effect of aromatherapy at the same time.

Expansion of incense machine: also called add incense machine, sweet atmosphere machine, hotel sweet atmosphere system, using the two-fluid atomization technology, using the principle of high-speed flow of compressed air, make the sweet atmosphere oil particles and reuse ions at high speed to separate particles for nanoscale sweet atmosphere oil particle accelerator, and then spread out by own diffusion system or air conditioning system.

According to the size of the place, the incense expanding machine can be divided into large space, column type incense expanding machine and small space incense expanding machine. The incense expanding machine adopts pure plant essential oil, which can not be mixed with water or other liquids. It has no pungent smell and keeps the fragrance for a long time, refreshing, sterilizing and purifying the air, and is conducive to human health. Non-flammable, non-toxic, harmless, no explosion and other dangers. Can be used safely, high safety factor, suitable for public places: hotels, office buildings, sales centers, large shopping malls and other large space to add incense.

Cane aromatherapy: also called without fire aromatherapy, aromatherapy liquid finished products through a certain carrier (such as cane, grass flowers, cotton rope, etc.) diffused into the air. Make the air filled with fragrance, to improve the air, pleasure and other effects. Generally used in independent bathrooms, bedrooms, hotel rooms and other small space to add incense, a very few of the aroma liquid flammable, but still need to stay away from the open flame.