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Wifi intelligent remote incense expanding equipment
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Wifi intelligent remote incense expanding equipment

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Equipment name: S1500 medium area incense expander
Product size: 140*140*530 (MM)
Product color: black/silver/gold
Rated voltage: DC12V
Power: 5.5 W
Volume: 50 dba
Working mode: 24 hours at will
Coverage: 1500M3
Oill consumption: 4.5 ML/h
Bottlel capacity: 500ML
Installation: floor standing

Smart remote control of mobile phone: APP is optional
Weight of container: 38KG
Packing number: 6 PCS/box
Installation method of essential oil: plug (take) and pull

S1500 area incense expanding machine adopts integrated body, with high strength frosted surface process, fashionable appearance; Small body, light and beautiful, easy to move; Atomizing head plug - out structure, easy to replace essential oil.
The equipment used in a plug-in (get) pull oil installations, convenient and quick oil change, solve the traditional oil spill in the products, falls off pipettes, atomizing core plugging problems, at the same time equipped with WIFI / 2 g remote Internet control system, realizes the remote setup time, remote monitor and control the oil change reminds, the mist amount control, can use vertical put alone, It can also be connected to the air outlet such as central air conditioning or fresh air system. Small models to achieve a large area of coverage, remote intelligent, convenient, cost-effective, silent effect, door-to-door installation, is the wise choice of most customers.

Aroma scent machine adopts Germany imported aluminum alloy atomizer, atomizer machining precision and atomization effect and the advanced level of synchronization, at the same time of refined oil molecular intact characteristics and structure, make the small oil spread to a wide scale space, and oil particles suspended longer, therefore, Arnold expansion incense machine of sweet atmosphere oil usage than their peers to save 30% on average, Thus saving the cost of spices 30%.