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Teach you how to use the fragrance machine simply
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Teach you how to use the fragrance machine simply

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With the rise of the scent marketing, more and more hotels, bars and other businesses are starting to introduce fragrance expanders, but many people don't know how to install them when they buy them, let alone how to use them. Aim at this kind of circumstance, I will introduce the use method of sweet atmosphere machine to you.

Although there are many manufacturers of fragrance machines on the market and there are many types of fragrance machines, they are all similar. Broadly speaking, the type of the fragrance machine can be divided into two types: one, one, two, split incense expanding machine. Both methods are basically the same, but the installation method is different.

Simple to teach you how to use the fragrance machine:
1. Put the fragrance machine in the position to be installed and fix it. The fragrance machine can not be placed upside down.
2. Pour the special fragrance essential oil for the incense extender into the oil bottle of the incense extender. If it is a 500ML or 1000ML arnoma refined oil bottle, it can be used directly, and can be replaced directly, without pouring into the old refined oil bottle of the incense extender. The poured refined oil bottle is installed back into the machine.

3, Plug in power supply, set the use of sweet atmosphere machine time, time should be set according to the local time, such as: China presses Beijing time. Set the fragrance concentration of the incense extender.
4. After the setting is complete, start automatic incense expanding. If no spray comes out, check whether the time of incense expanding machine is set properly.
The use of split type central air conditioning incense expander:
5. Connect the fragrance machine and the atomizing head with a special hose for the fragrance expander
6. An oil bottle with essential oil is installed at the atomizing head
7. The atomizing port is connected with the special hose for the incense expanding machine. The length is free to choose within one meter.
8. One end of the special hose for fragrance machine is connected to the central air conditioning or fresh air system, connected to the power supply, and the incense expanding machine starts to work.