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The hotel lobby hotel own unique smell fragrance flavoring machine system
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The hotel lobby hotel own unique smell fragrance flavoring machine system

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Many five-star hotels by in the lobby to promote their own unique smell inside the store experience, unique fragrance merged into the field of brand, this is the hotel sweet atmosphere system add incense machine, in addition to the visual identification, by adding fragrant machine set up another way of identifying - smell identification, thereby creating a subtly memory, improve the comfort and well-being of guest room, Make sure the guest room remembers their hotel or pleasant experience wherever they go.

And different places of the hotel will be according to your own market positioning to choose an appropriate scent, such as business hotel will choose more elegant plant fragrance, because their customers are mostly young, natural, advocating simplicity, like the freedom, some holiday hotel will choose sweet sweet fruits, let customers feel at home. Spa hotel choose relaxed petal aromas, conference hotel need to form various kinds of large conference, meeting every time there are a lot of people, traffic was huge, in limited space more choice wake up some fragrance or odor removal, different places of the hotel can choose their own unique fragrance, hotel or customer groups according to their own choice need fragrance.

Guangzhou Aroma Technology Co., Ltd. is China's space fragrance industry through the national registered legal trademark brand enterprise, has been committed to the research and development of commercial space fragrance field, the products are: fragrance machine, fragrance expanding machine, fragrance adding machine, fragrance spraying machine, fragrance essential oil, essential oil expanding machine, etc. And obtained many national product patents, cooperation customers have been extended from the hotel industry to commercial real estate, clothing, aviation and other industries. Aroma fragrance to improve the quality of spatial smell as its own responsibility, and continue to lead the Chinese smell marketing market to a new height. Focusing on product quality, Anoma has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, CE product safety certification, SGS safety certification, ROHS environmental protection certification and many other authoritative certifications.