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Hotel using incense expander away from the harm of dirty smell
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Hotel using incense expander away from the harm of dirty smell

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What is the hotel incense spreading machine:
Aroma hotel expansion incense machine adopts the most advanced two fluid atomization technology, using the principle of high-speed flow of compressed air, make the sweet atmosphere oil particles and reuse ions at high speed to separate particles for nanoscale sweet atmosphere oil particle accelerator, and then spread out through the attached diffusion system or air conditioning system, the aroma spread to every corner of the room.

Benefits of hotel incense spreading machine:
Fragrance can create a natural and comfortable environment for the hotel, exerting a wide range of aromatherapy effects.
Hotel belongs to public business place, the crowd is complex, and the crowd density will change frequently, because the hotel's population density and the smell of the environment affects customer satisfaction, and at this point, the hotel use perfume machine can play a role in addition to smell, can eliminate the odor of the public, the use of pure natural plant essential oil fragrance, create an environment that is elegant and pure and fresh atmosphere, From the sense of smell to leave people unforgettable memories to enhance the customer's good impression of the hotel.

The connection between scent marketing and fragrance machine:
Scent marketing already implemented in the world famous hotel, and by the sense of smell marketing a good impression to the customer, satisfaction is also very high, even every star hotel has its own a card fragrance, such as, sprinkled with white tea, such as shangri-la, Oriental charm, hotel use is expanding incense machine in order to help the hotel to achieve better marketing effect, The fragrance of the hotel can make customers feel comfortable happy, more willing to stay, but also be able to create unique hotel, to make the customer a smelling it reminded me to live in the hotel, it is easier to seize the customer psychology, let the customer enjoy hotel lodging time, extend the time of consumption, at the same time increase the intensity of consumption, that is the ultimate goal of hotel use sweet atmosphere machine.