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Does the hotel need to change the fragrance regularly when using the fragrance system
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Does the hotel need to change the fragrance regularly when using the fragrance system

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Hotel fragrance has been a very common phenomenon, the hotel use fragrance to optimize service, improve brand awareness and customer viscosity. When you enter a hotel, especially the five-star hotel, will be attracted by the fragrance of the hotel, even a wants to bring home the scent, but you don't know what is the scent of five-star hotels, more don't know where is the five-star hotel of aromatherapy is purchased, at present, most of the hotels, shopping malls, beauty salons, clothing store, Office buildings and other service industries will be the introduction of sweet atmosphere system hotel flavoring machine for space flavored, especially star hotel, the hotel has become a brand identity, the aroma of different hotel groups will have their own fragrance, the hotel can not only remove flavored with various uncomfortable odor, charming fragrance can increase customer's impression of the hotel, A pleasant scent will make the person subconsciously want to remember, no matter how long and where the smell of the scent will bring back the customer's memories of the hotel, hence the term "smell the hotel".

So, do you need to change the fragrance regularly when using the fragrance system in the hotel? As the change of hotel fragrance, mood will be different, the attitude will be different, such as the winter when the use of powder sense of fragrance, let the heart of the heart on the rise of warm. In summer, use a refreshing scent, such as lemon or mint. The same fragrance can also make people tired, so changing the hotel fragrance in time will give you unexpected surprises.

What kind of fragrance is good for hotel? Hotel can according to your own brand positioning, decorate a style, customer groups such as custom own scent, if you have doubts about this don't know their hotel suit to use what kind of scent, or do you have a heart belongs to the scent, can contact us Arnold, we focus on hotel sweet atmosphere system for more than ten years, has service the world hundreds of thousands of hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, Sales center, club, KTV, etc.