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Hotel Aroma Suites

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Guangzhou Aroma Technology Co., Ltd. is a collection of production, research and development, sales as a high-end fragrance manufacturing enterprise, its brands: Amos Aroma, founded in 2012, is dedicated to the production and sales of space fragrance based on independent research and development, with the purpose of creating a fantastic space fragrance experience. Amos Aroma is an excellent brand enterprise with international reputation of space fragrance. It has the international standard of Amos Aroma RESEARCH and development center, modern software laboratory, From the selection of raw materials to the space fragrance use site scheme, Anoma has ten years of research and development experience, production experience and space fragrance system planning and implementation scheme. Innovation and development is the direction of the company's continuous efforts, and we continue to recommend new products. The healthy and environmental friendly space fragrance products, which are loved by the majority of users, attract numerous high-end taste people's pursuit and favor, and lead the trend of space fragrance.

The role of hotel fragrance:
1. The fragrance in the space is pleasant, and the fragrance is connected with the brand, so that consumers can establish a richer and more lasting memory in addition to visual and auditory memories.
2, the space is filled with unique fragrance, improve the space air environment, increase the environment atmosphere, attract the attention of customers.
3, eliminate the odor in the space, send out a charming fragrance, happy mood, relax, play a positive role.

Hotel fragrance implementation plan:
Central air conditioning incense expander is mainly used to connect the central air conditioning or fresh air system to spread the fragrance to every corner of the space. Large space or multiple Spaces are used to make the fragrance more fragrant and even.
Hotel lobby vertical incense machine, separate space, hotel lobby or service hall use, high-grade appearance design dotted with the scene of the decoration style, so that it is not abrupt, become one of the scenery.
Wall hanging fragrance machine, some of the central air conditioning wind is not good for the place to put the incense machine, such as corridor corridor, separate space, etc.

Top suction and incense expanding machine, Anoma top suction and incense expanding machine is installed on the ceiling or air conditioning grille, a more space-saving installation method.
According to the hotel's different decoration style, local human geography, for the customer group to choose a characteristic fragrance, so that the hotel brand more comprehensive display and interpretation, each hotel should have its own unique taste, anoma customized exclusive hotel fragrance style.