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How to let the customer for the first time, quickly remember you, and bring customers from the subconscious mind into the core brand, keep a good image, it is the goal of many hotels efforts, from a visual marketing, hearing, taste, marketing, customer service, to smell marketing, every hotel in constant innovation and enterprising, machine-made decorate a style, Homogeneity of hotel customer service already cannot satisfy the requirement the public's taste, especially in the face of the transition of the new generation of consumer groups consumption idea has become inevitable, in such circumstances, the hotel expansion system, sweet atmosphere system, spiced hotel, mall and sweet, sweet atmosphere machines create hotel features the fragrance of taste marketing is developing rapidly, become the weapon of competition in the hotel industry, Let's get to know the top 10 brands of hotel fragrance machine.

Hotel flavoring industry a piece of the red sea, the so-called online manufacturers is uneven, many company's web site, online stores are doing is very tall, yet written special internationalization, but in the interests of the drive, the low price cooperation with customers, using cheap inferior products, sweet atmosphere machine equipment without warranty use less than a few months will need to check repaired, sweet atmosphere oil blending with chemical substances, Smell fragrance, wen jiu also may appear allergic, dizziness and discomfort, actually this kind of corporate body, as long as the industrial and commercial bureau website carefully check, all the information they float on the surface of the water, part of the company to register for a year or two, or even half a year, and can't check all, doesn't even have a workplace, merchants can give the customer what guarantee? What about the brand? A brand and reputation built on just one word?

Guangzhou Aroma Technology Co., LTD., 10 years old brand manufacturer, the hotel fragrance machine top ten brands, has been adhering to their own business, do products, is a collection of hotel fragrance machine, fragrance expanding machine, fragrance adding machine, aroma machine, fragrance spraying machine, fragrance essential oil, fragrance expanding machine essential oil, fragrance adding machine essential oil, Aromatherapy essential oil and so on design, development, production, sales for the integration of sweet atmosphere, the company is located in baiyun district of guangzhou, covers an area of 9000 square meters, the factory has 5000 square meters of modern production workshop, multiple automated assembly line production at the same time, the daily output of thousands of, can provide a large number of products, guarantee adequate marketers, agent and engineering business products. Arnoma has a number of domestic and foreign production and sales qualifications (real can be checked), at present, Arnoma has a perfect sales system and logistics/special line cooperation system, products are exported to all regions and countries in the world.