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The development process and problems of hotel fragrance system (scent machine)
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The development process and problems of hotel fragrance system (scent machine)

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In recent years, along with the rapid development of the space industry sweet atmosphere system, sweet atmosphere machine also rapid iteration in a series of change, the original expansion machine bulky, cumbersome appearance ugly, noise is big, the spill jam is a very common phenomenon, in use process also bring inconvenience to the customer, in a hotel sweet atmosphere system, add incense machine is sweet atmosphere is an important part of the system hardware, Hardware is not good, no matter how good fragrance can not spread to make customers feel.

The introduction of science and technology, the development of technology, the domestic light industry appliances that have remarkable soaring, industrial chain, and gradually mature manufacturing system let sweet atmosphere machine appearance design, internal structure design, noise control, etc, have very big improvement, combined with the modern aesthetic in appearance, small portable, not only more accommodation with modern architecture. The noise control is basically lower than 30DBA, making the noisy city less noisy and more quiet. Adopted separation design the internal structure of atomization smaller failure rate, full metal structure as well as the basic won't appear the oil product oil, the service life of air pump also greatly increased, after numerous tests, and customer feedback, the basic elements of a trouble-free operation for two years and intelligent process control, a variety of operating a scan code APP can realize remote control, It is not limited by time or space.

In choose sweet atmosphere, however, we still need to pay more attention to the expansion of incense vendors would vary on market, not only the core technology, many small factory just take parts assembly, more important is to cut costs, parts and outer will adopt the shoddy phenomenon, spray head instead of aluminium alloy with lower cost, easy to leak oil accumulation of plastic spray head, The shell is a thin layer of iron sheet, and it will sag when pressed lightly. The appearance of the coating quality is not up to standard, and the error of the time controller is high.

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