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Hotel fragrance system manufacturer
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Hotel fragrance system manufacturer

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Guangzhou Aroma Technology Co., Ltd. is engaged in the hotel fragrance system equipment and fragrance essential oil production and processing manufacturers, with more than 10 years of production and sales experience, hotel fragrance system installation program, site investigation and construction, to provide customers with environmental protection, safety, green products and services. With rich experience in fragrance marketing and communication services, we cooperate with many high-star hotels, commercial plazas, office buildings, entertainment clubs, automobile 4S shop showrooms and other industries to provide high-quality spatial fragrance communication system services and overall fragrance marketing programs.

Sweet atmosphere system, how to choose correctly, although the sweet atmosphere system abroad is a common scene, the sweet atmosphere of domestic system is emerging in recent years, the rapid development of sweet atmosphere system and the important role of sweet atmosphere system itself and manufacturers vigorously promotion has a great relationship, but still have a lot of procurement staff has no experience in this aspect of the hotel, Part more hotel buyer haven't contact with sweet atmosphere system, very little understanding of it, and the hotel industry is also good and evil people mixed up sweet atmosphere system, product quality and after-sale is uneven, online price disorderly, a series of problems caused the hotel not a sweet sweet atmosphere system, the fragrance is not ideal, little trouble with the machine easily, a small problem, can't find the service or service management maintenance difficulties, Had to change the hotel's fragrance system frequently.

How to correctly choose hotel sweet atmosphere system manufacturer, guangzhou Arnold m environmental protection technology co., LTD., global sweet atmosphere equipment manufacturers, professional production and processing business to undertake domestic/foreign hotel sweet atmosphere system, hotel sweet atmosphere system installation management maintenance services, the implementation of hotel sweet atmosphere system Arnold has perfect steps, to fully understand each other, mutual choice required:

1. According to the hotel's budget for the installation of the hotel fragrance system.
2, the installation site to understand the survey, through the field survey, network contact, telephone contact, video contact and other channels, the hotel central space fresh air system distribution map and other methods.
3, according to the hotel needs to add incense area space size reasonable choice of incense machine model.
4, according to the hotel decoration style, customer groups, local customs, hotel intention, select the fragrance essential oil.
5. Installation and debugging, fragrance time debugging, fragrance concentration debugging, etc.
6. Contact with the hotel's special management and maintenance personnel, and provide training on the later maintenance and management methods and matters needing attention.
7. The hotel shall check and accept and arrange special after-sales personnel.
Guangzhou Aroma Technology Co., LTD., specializing in the production of sales hotel sweet atmosphere system, expanding machine, add incense machine, casting machine, the breeze machine, aromatherapy machine, aromatic essential oil, aromatic essential oil, cane fragrance, incense equipment, and add incense equipment, aromatic equipment, provide hotel sweet atmosphere, spiced hotel, hotel, hotel marketing fragrance, sweet atmosphere hotel marketing, such as smell marketing services.