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Hotel Scent Machine
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Hotel Scent Machine

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The role of the hotel aromatherapy machine, central air conditioning aromatherapy machine installation project, the hotel lobby aromatherapy diffusion system, Guangzhou Anoma environmental technology Co., Ltd. is a focus on the design and research and development of aroma products enterprises. The factory can produce various forms, specifications, varieties of hotel aromatherapy machine, incense expanding machine, hotel fragrance system, adding incense machine, fragrance machine, hotel incense expanding machine equipment, fragrance machine equipment, adding incense machine equipment, space adding incense machine, space fragrance, smell marketing, to create top smell space effect.

The hotel aroma machine is connected to the central air conditioning system to spread the aroma to the lobby, corridor, elevator room and other public places, light fragrance, create an unforgettable experience, make the hotel in the visual, auditory, smell and other aspects of a full range of interpretation. The air aromatherapy has also become a part of the personalized brand, each air aromatherapy is unique, using the most natural raw materials, aromatherapy essential oil composition, to create a signature aroma, unforgettable. At the same time, it acts on people's body and spirit, so that customers can feel natural and fresh, stimulate the senses and calm the mood of smell experience. It is the essence of nature for customers to obtain, bring extraordinary sensory enjoyment, and make the air get new life.

Guangzhou Aroma Technology Co., LTD. Global aromatherapy system service providers, manufacturers, one of the focus on the fragrance smell sweet atmosphere design, marketing, indoor air purification treatment, and aims to provide the public with environmental protection, healthy, safe, comfortable, warm and individuality of products and services, to help improve the indoor air environment and air quality, to create a pure and fresh and comfortable working and living space, To meet the different needs of global customers, Aroma provide personalized design and personalized service, according to different places, different decorate a style, different geographical space of the humanistic design corresponding fragrance, at present, Arnold tamar has a star hotel, KTV, shopping malls, subway project, conference and exhibition center, floor sale department, beauty salon, Aromatherapy plan and implementation for airlines, automobile 4S stores, large activities, photo studios, wedding shops, etc.