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Scent machine manufacturer

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Now, the domestic incense expanding machine industry has begun to heat up. The hotel's initial reliance on imported perfumers to meet the demand of the fragrance market has shifted to producing their own to meet demand, and much of it is exported to various countries. As a result, manufacturers of incense expanding machines have mushroomed after the rain. However, very few manufacturers have really mastered the production technology of the fragrance machine. In addition, the current market competition is fierce, mutual struggle between each other. Production costs can only be reduced to survive. Product quality cannot be guaranteed. As a result, China's fragrance machine market is mixed. If you want to buy a quality assurance and cost-effective incense machine, you must understand the knowledge of the incense machine and some information about the manufacturer of the incense machine.

At present, the incense expanding machine industry market is full of red sea. Guangdong, the industry cluster of the essential oil of the incense spreading machine (also known as the incense adding machine), is also a mixing place. Many incense expanding machine manufacturers are concentrated in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and most manufacturers do not have a core. Technology is a company that only buys parts and assembles them. The quality of the incense expanding machine is uneven, and the consumption of essential oil is very large, which greatly increases the cost of space and flavor; Service life can not be guaranteed, some use time less than a year.

In pursuit of short-term profits, manufacturers of incense expanders cut corners to reduce production costs. This is the current situation of most of China's incense expanding machine manufacturers; Many incense expander manufacturers have imitated the appearance and structure of some incense expander manufacturers' products, but because the core components cannot be copied, so although the appearance of the incense expander is basically the same, the quality of the incense expander may be?? Big difference. Therefore, when buying the incense expanding machine, we must look for the brand of the incense adding machine, and the price can not be cheap, otherwise the service life of the machine will not be guaranteed. The consumption of essential oils is very large, but it will increase the cost of perfume in large Spaces and bring unnecessary trouble to yourself.

However, there are still some incense machine manufacturers with strict quality requirements. For example, Guangzhou Aroma Technology Co., Ltd. has the responsibility to constantly improve and improve the sensory effect of the space. With the continuous improvement of domestic consumption level and the rapid development of service industry, consumers have higher and higher requirements for comfortable environment, and fragrance marketing into the brand strategy, will attract different art and culture. "Scent marketing" has become an important marketing tool in service industry.