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Damage of incense spreading machine
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Damage of incense spreading machine

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Is the long-term use of incense expanding machine harmful? Does incense expanding machine have harm to human body? Why to say the incense spreading machine harm, the incense spreading machine is not harmful to the body, take you to understand the incense spreading machine correctly.

What is the incense spreading machine
Incense machine also called sweet atmosphere, and hotel expansion machine, aromatherapy machine, hotel sweet atmosphere system, add incense machine, breeze machine, casting machine, aroma, spicy is mainly used in hotel, shopping malls and incense, KTV flavored, convention and exhibition center and high-grade services such as incense, high-grade office buildings and places with incense, improve indoor environment, build elegant comfortable space, the aroma of Gain good impression of customers through unique fragrance, enhance brand marketing power.

Working principle of incense expander
The fragrance expanding machine atomizes the fragrance essential oil into nano-scale fragrance essential oil particles, and diffuses the fragrance into the place through its own fragrance expanding system or air conditioning system.

The benefits of Aroma incense expanding machine:

1, the real manufacturer, big factory, master the core technology, durable, low cost, long service life of incense expanding machine, can provide a large number of OEM/ODM customization services.
2, origin imported plant fragrance essential oil, fragrant, quality assurance.
3, improve happiness, relieve fatigue, suddenly open, happy mood, improve work efficiency, in a long time in the dull indoor space, the incense expanding machine emits light fragrance refreshing.
4, safety protection, from the active ingredients of plant essential oil itself, natural without adding, each product has passed the national testing record, authority guarantee, Pacific Insurance underwriting, guarantee upgrade!