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Precautions for daily use of scent machine
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Precautions for daily use of scent machine

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With the improvement of life quality of the expansion of incense machine gradually widely used, spiced heavily used in hotel, bar flavored, theaters and incense, KTV flavored, chain flavored, large mall spiced stream, such as crowded needs to improve the air spice business place, small also for family and individual, so what are the expansion of incense machine for daily use?

  1. When adding the essential oil, do not exceed the reference line, do not aim the oil nozzle at the face, and do not spray into the eyes. If the essential oil accidentally gets into the eyes, immediately rinse with plenty of water for 15 minutes. If you still feel uncomfortable, please go to the hospital.
  2. do not install the incense machine above the table, kitchen table and other food, to avoid the injection of essential oil drops on the food, the best indoor air in the circulation state, pay attention to the window, promote air circulation in the space.
  3. When connecting the central space or the fresh air system, pay attention to the hose at the fog outlet should not be too long, the longer the hose is, the more serious the liquefaction phenomenon is, the general length is 80CM, not more than 100CM.
  4. Set the daily working time of the fragrance machine. After working for a long time, the pause time of the fragrance machine should not be less than 60 seconds, so that the equipment of the fragrance machine can get a full rest and the service life of the incense expanding machine can be increased.
    The above is suitable for hotel incense, shopping malls incense, KTV incense, hotel incense, office buildings incense, home incense, bar incense and other places need to add incense.