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Why does the essential oil in the perfume expander not smell good
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Why does the essential oil in the perfume expander not smell good

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What is an incense expander?
Fragrance expansion machine mainly for some star hotel lobby, chain bars, KTV, sales center, car exhibition hall, department stores, clubs and other high-end business or consumer places to add incense, incense expansion machine has a variety of methods: incense expansion machine, incense machine, fragrance machine, fragrance system, hotel incense, perfume machine, fragrance machine, fragrance machine and so on.
What is the essential oil of perfuming machine?

Expansion of machine oil extraction method with distillation, press, extraction method and so on, from the root of the plant size which fruit extract, with natural plant aroma and effect, have very good volatile, used in space to add sweet at the same time the effect of different oils also have different, make the spirits, increase energy, focus, relieve pressure, calm anxiety, anger, nervousness, etc.

Expansion of incense machine is one of the important equipment, hotel marketing fragrance incense machine will sweet atmosphere oil through the central air conditioning, and fresh air system spread to the hotel lobby, hotel rooms, corridor of the hotel, the hotel elevator room, conference room and so on need to add sweet place, at present, 98% of the world's star hotel has enabled the hotel hotel marketing fragrance, sweet atmosphere system including many successful cases such as: Shangri-la, Starwood, Hilton, Crowne Plaza, Peninsula, Westin and so on are excellent hotels.

With the development of science and technology, the improvement of the hotel fragrance system makes it easy to install, simple to operate, easy to maintain, so that the effect of the whole hotel fragrance marketing leaps forward. But most hotels are their own procurement of equipment or essential oil, there is no professional personnel management and maintenance, many small problems will be magnified.

Why does the essential oil in the perfume expander not smell good?

First of all, it should be determined that the incense adding function cannot run through the power operation is the equipment is broken, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer for maintenance or replacement of equipment.
Second, it is necessary to determine the correct method of adding essential oil. The wrong method of adding essential oil is too full, and the essential oil mixed with water or other liquids will also affect the working condition of the equipment.

Three, check whether the fog mouth is blocked, if there is blocked with alcohol to clean
Iv. The problem of atomizing core. The inferior atomizing core or the atomizing core is prone to damage and not work after being used for a long time.
If you still do not understand, you can contact us Anoma focus on fragrance equipment manufacturers, for ten years, we have undertaken large and small star hotel fragrance system installation and management and maintenance work, in every province of the country hundreds of cities have our dealers/agents. Timely or on-site help you to solve equipment installation, management and other maintenance problems.