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What is fragrance system
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What is fragrance system

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Fragrance system refers to a way of adding fragrance in the space. People who often go to star hotels basically feel that there is fragrance floating in the door. At present, most hotels, shopping malls, beauty salons, clothing stores, automobile 4S shops, exhibition centers, high-grade office buildings and so on will introduce fragrance system, which can not only improve the odor in the space, Faint fragrance can also deepen customers' good impression of the brand, exclusive fragrance subtly let customers remember the taste of the brand, enhance customers' brand awareness, play another promotion role.

Principle of fragrance system:
Fragrance system adopts international advanced two fluid atomization technology through fragrance expanding machine, and uses the principle of compressed air high-speed flow to atomize fragrance essential oil into nano-level particles. With the diffusion of air conditioning system or fresh air system to the designated area, fragrance is added in space to achieve the purpose of full room fragrance.

According to the size of the use place, brand style, customer requirements and other design of fragrance, each scheme is unique and meaningful, each has its own differences, but the ultimate goal is to create a fragrance atmosphere.
1, air conditioning or fresh air system installation scheme, advantages of a wide range of fragrance, uniform fragrance, oil saving.
2, placed or wall-mounted installation, suitable for small and medium-sized places without fresh air or air conditioning system, the main advantage is convenient, can be set up according to different space different incense machine.
3, suspended ceiling fragrance machine, hanging below the ceiling, is characterized by space saving, does not occupy an area, can very good integration of space environment.

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