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Why does it smell so good when you enter the hotel? Where does it come from
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Why does it smell so good when you enter the hotel? Where does it come from

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In I've been to many upscale hotel lobby. Once into the gate of the hotel can smell a faint scent. In the beginning, I also want to know is this aroma has kept not scattered, after understanding, found that the fragrance of the hotel is spread through the aroma system, aroma system work in a certain period of time the aroma will continue to spread to the hotel lobby, corridor, even rooms, elevator room, Conference hall and other places, and the door of the hotel lobby is generally closed, not only to prevent the emission of air conditioning, but also to prevent the emission of fragrance, can keep the fragrance for a longer time.

At present, most of the five-star hotels, shopping malls, beauty salon, brand clothing stores, auto 4 s shop, sales department, high-grade office buildings will introduce Arnold sweet atmosphere system, and different hotel groups all have their own scent, can not only remove odor, aromas of sweet impression of the hotel can increase the guest, let a guest subconsciously remember the fragrance of this brand, Enhance guests' awareness of the brand, play another role in brand promotion.

Aroma hotel fragrance system is also called perfume system, aromatherapy system, natural aromatherapy essential oil through the hotel fragrance machine atomized into nano particles, the use of its own diffusion system or central air conditioning system, fresh air system to spread to every corner of the space, so that the space aroma filled.

Aroma expansion machine has a large space to add incense machine, small space sweet atmosphere machine, pillar type expansion machine, expanding machine, suction a top hanging expanding machine, the appearance of the fashion design, installation plan meet in different places. Aroma has 9000 square meters of production base, expanding machine research and development team, modern production workshop, many automatic production lines, professional sales and service team, after-sales team, We provide OEM/ODM service, fragrance system design, fragrance system installation service, fragrance system bidding assistance, etc. About hotel incense, brand store incense, large shopping mall incense, subway incense, airport hall incense, office incense and other space incense all size matters, welcome to call Aroma - professional fragrance disseminator!