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A typical fragrance in a five-star hotel
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A typical fragrance in a five-star hotel

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Hear before into the door, say is a five-star hotel, there is a fragrance called the fragrance of five-star hotels, each a five-star hotel brand has its own unique fragrance, the scent of five-star hotels where it came from, a five-star hotel, the aroma of idiomatic five-star hotel fragrance list, take you into the five-star hotel of fragrance world today.


A typical fragrance in a five-star hotel
Shangri-la - Sweet fruit notes
Top notes: Gardenia, Benzoin, verbena, pear, osmanthus
Tasting notes: Citrus, vanilla, tea tree
Finish: bergamot, sweet orange and white rose
Fresh fruit and sweet fragrance, elegant five-star hotel fragrance, let you feel as if stepping into shangri-La wonderland


The Ritz-Carlton -- woody floral notes
Top note: Violet oil, strawberry, grapefruit
Notes: green bamboo, violet, jasmine, gardenia
Aftertaste: sandalwood, white wood, vanilla
Ying Ying floating multiple fruit, clearly revealed a light wood incense


Four Seasons Hotel -- Oriental flowers and trees
Toppings: citrus and green tea
Medium taste: green tea, watermelon, passion fruit, water lily, wild rose
Aftertaste: sandalwood, white amber
Fresh green tea and citrus aromas, mixed with passion fruit in the middle and sandalwood in the back


Intercontinental Hotel - Fruit, fruit and sweet fragrance
Top notes: clove, vervain, blackberry
Middle taste: fragrant leaf and lily
Finish note: rose, orange
Deep sour blackberry fruit juice aromas, combined with crisp lily, bring indescribable joy


Hilton Hotel - wood floral and fruity notes
Top note: Geranium and lily of the valley oil
Medium note: raspberry, honeydew melon, woody flowers, sea breeze
Last taste: sandalwood
Pure and warm compound fragrance, lingering light flowers, unforgettable


Grand Hyatt -- Sweet, floral and fragrant
Top note: rose oil, citrus oil
Notes: flowers, rosebuds, violets, geranium
Last taste: sandalwood and honey
Intense rose and citrus aromas, mixed with floral notes in the middle and sandalwood notes in the back


Wynn Hotel - Wood floral and fruity notes
Top note: Mugwort, water lily, white lemon oil
Medium taste: white tea, Tianshan snow lotus
Aftertaste: Sandalwood, ambergris, cypress wood oil
Fragrant vegetation fragrance, floating filar silk continuously of tea fragrance, long artistic conception


Venetian Hotel - Wood and fruit notes
Top: pear, apple, lemon, strawberry
Medium taste: FIG and orange

Last taste: sandalwood and benzoin
Before the sweet sweet fruit into the texture of wood, put inside collect


Garden Hotel -- floral notes
Top note: Ylang ylang, lily
Medium taste: green melon, kapok, cinnamon
Finish note: lavender and freesia
Romantic full-bodied flower is sweet, it is fine adjustment with wood, won't appear too drab, too sweet thick

Marriott Hotel - Floral and fruity notes
Top notes: Lemon, vanilla, FIG
Medium note: vanilla, lavender
Aftertaste: cedar, sandalwood, benzoin
Fresh lemon, romantic lavender, cold cedar, from summer to autumn into winter, instantly walk the feeling of four seasons


Sheraton Hotel - Floral and fruity notes
Top notes: rose, jasmine, yellow orange
Medium taste: patchouli and clove
Aftertaste: Neroli, Ylang ylang, woody
Romantic warmth with sharp, orange flowers and wood sweet comfort, from the overlooking sense of successful people.


Type selection reference scheme:
Applicable hotel type: hotel/guesthouse, express hotel, hot pot restaurant, restaurant, hotel, villa, farmhouse, toilet
Fragrance recommended strong type: Shangri-La, white tea, Kempinski, love temptation, ancient dragon, lemon
Applicable to public places: KTV, net coffee, shops, supermarkets, sales offices, 4S shops, beauty clubs, service areas, stations, schools, educational institutions, pet shops, hospitals, chess and card rooms
Fragrance: Ocean, Chanel, osmanthus, lavender, jasmine, peach, green tea, water lily, Dunhill, honey dior, Burberry
Applicable home type: bedroom/dormitory, villa, b&B, apartment, living room, study
Fragrance: Pear, freesia, Victoria's Secret, bluebells, sage, sea salt, basil, neroli