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5 star hotel incense solution
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5 star hotel incense solution

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Why do hotel incense:
As a place for leisure tourism, the hotel provides customers with comfortable, convenient and luxurious services. In the hotel marketing and management, the fragrance system makes the hotel smell natural and fragrant. The fragrance system is characterized by economy, even fragrance distribution, and can be adjusted at any time to enjoy the fragrance of hotel services at any time.

The lobby is the central hub of the whole hotel, the first thing to enter the hotel is to enter the lobby, an elegant and fragrant lobby environment, to leave a good impression on customers, the use of fragrance to transform the hotel service business philosophy into the smell of impact, become the hotel logo.

Walking along the corridor, light fragrance can make people think of the country road, natural and fresh, refreshing.
In the room, let a person relax build a household feeling, sleep in the ocean of sweet flowers, along with change move is a layer upon layer balmy ripple, a kind of faint scent is taken when waking up in the morning, resemble the sea of flowers in spring, the mood is comfortable. And then leave with the lingering fragrance.

The fragrance of the hotel adds a ray of fragrance to every corner of the hotel, creating a warm and natural hotel space environment.

The impact of fragrance on hotels:
One, fragrance to attract customers, no one will not like to stay in the charming fragrance.
Second, the visual sense of luxury hotel with warm fragrance atmosphere, make people more profound, more unforgettable
Three, let the customer experience fragrance, stimulate the interest of the hotel
Fragrance can magnify happiness and make people's emotional expression more intense

Hotel incense scheme:
1. The installation cost, the hotel incense will calculate the cost of the hotel incense system according to the space area, the cost of the hotel equipment and the cost of essential oil consumption, Anoma has different models of hotel incense expander for different Spaces, large space covering 5000M3 to small space covering 100M3. The consumption of essential oil and different equipment, fragrance concentration, spatial airflow, spatial flow of people and other factors concerned.

  1. Equipment selection: the large space incense expanser is connected to the central space of the hotel, and the fresh air system allows the atomized essential oil to spread into the hotel space with the air conditioning; Vertical incense spreading machine, fashion and beautiful, incense adding space is the best choice of hotel lobby, conference room; Wall-mounted perfuming machine, hotel corridor, elevator room, bathroom, room perfuming in addition to smell, or the central air conditioning wind does not reach the place/there is no space to place the perfuming machine, can choose wall-mounted perfuming machine. Top suction perfume machine, hotel toilets, corridors and other places with the bottom of 4 meters high, hidden routes, make the space more beautiful.
  2. Hotel flavored solution has a lot of, also look at the hotel's specific site conditions, if you need to install the hotel or you need to add sweet sweet atmosphere system, replacement of spiced way, please contact us to Aroma, world's ten biggest sweet atmosphere equipment manufacturers, ten years focused on hotel spiced system, add incense machine, sweet atmosphere machine, incense machine casting machine, and sweet atmosphere oil manufacturers. To provide you with professional space fragrance services.