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5 star hotel aromatherapy list
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5 star hotel aromatherapy list

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In our understanding, each star hotel has its own unique aromatherapy, according to the hotel brand positioning, choose the appropriate aromatherapy to improve customer comfort and satisfaction, and through the hotel aromatherapy to improve the hotel odor environment, promote customer passion, relieve fatigue, calm the mind, make people feel happy. So that the hotel's customers subconsciously remember the fragrance, smell the hotel, recall the experience of this stay, the hotel's aromatherapy perfectly interprets the style and image of the hotel brand, hotel fragrance culture plays a finishing touch. 5 star hotel exclusive fragrance is what, 5 star hotel aroma list.

NO.1 Shangri-La Hotel
Holiday Inn Shangri-La is a place of peace and quiet. Bergamot, white tea and ginger make shangri-La unique and distinctive Asian fragrance.

NO.2 FourSeasons hotel
With a lime base, tropical floral and exotic wood aromas, the Four Seasons Hotel is fresh with a hint of pink, which turns light into thick, from light to deep.
NO.3 Hilton
Hilton Hotel is filled with a very comfortable aroma, spring time and the taste of white tea is very popular people love, and then the hotel decoration style fusion, no problem to the sense of advanced out!
No.4 MandarinOriental Hotel
Implicative, lingering fragrance shows Oriental lasting appeal incisively and vividly, smell is like petal lightsome, full of comfortable, charming fragrance draws the outline of intellectual and elegant outline, countless people who love fragrance are defeated in his Oriental beauty.