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No. 12, Luqing Street, the first economic cooperative of Luogang Village, Junhe Street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou


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Guangzhou Aroma Technology Co., LTD., founded in 2012, guangzhou is a set research and development, design, production, marketing into a professional space fragrance and sweet atmosphere oil equipment manufacturing company, after 10 years of accumulation, the factory has introduced the modern assembly lines, automatic/semi-automatic production can reach tens of thousands of, meet the demand of the market at home and broad, the production workshop, Quality inspection workshop, testing workshop, warehouse storage, domestic/international logistics lines, project survey, project evaluation and implementation, Arnold the fragrance of the existing forming of marketing solutions, in different places to solve problems such as air smell flavored, USES the advanced fragrance spread system, in line with the professional innovation, and pragmatic attitude to service every customer, Committed to providing "olfactory marketing solutions" and "spatial fragrance solutions" for high-end places.

Sweet atmosphere, in the heart of sweet atmosphere system, smell marketing solutions, from mechanical sweet atmosphere to smart sweet atmosphere machine, Arnold has been constantly improve the innovation, makes every effort to bring better products to you, Arnold WIFI sweet atmosphere machine has been spread all over domestic and international market, the customers get the praise and recognition, Arnold m 2 g sweet atmosphere machine age to upsurge again, Compared with the limitations of WIFI intelligent fragrance machine, Anoma 2G fragrance machine is more stable and more intelligent, one-button multi-machine management, multi-device management, monitoring and maintenance, more time and effort saving. More on Aroma perfect after-sales system, information almost seconds back, always online for customers to answer questions.

As a pioneer and innovator in the industry, we strive to bring the fragrance of space into a new olfactory dimension, not only to meet the customers' olfactory experience, but more importantly to consider the integration with the visual effects of different scenes, to ensure that the product is more natural, healthy and environmentally friendly. What we pursue is to achieve a balance between safe product performance, olfactory art and customer experience through our unremitting efforts, so that personalized fragrance can add more fun and comfort to work and life.