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The scent machine does not spray does not necessarily mean broken
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The scent machine does not spray does not necessarily mean broken

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Fragrance machine does not spray how to do, fragrance machine does not spray how to do, fragrance machine does not smoke solution, fragrance machine does not work, fragrance machine does not smell only because of this setting, fragrance machine can not be pressed out, fragrance machine does not smell, fragrance machine does not spray, is not fragrance machine broken? Do I need to send it back to the manufacturer for repair? Is it expensive to repair after warranty? Or is it better to buy a new one? Let's look at some simple solutions.
Fragrance machine does not spray, do not rush to find the manufacturer to send back for maintenance, waste freight not to say, but also waste time and energy, reset these steps, a few minutes.

  1. check whether the incense expander can be powered on normally, listen to the sound of the air pump to check whether the air pump is working.
    2. Check whether the atomizing core is damaged. If so, replace the atomizing core.
    3. Check the fog mouth is not blocked, such as blocked with alcohol to clean.
    4. System time setting, Anuma incense expander is used worldwide, according to the different time zone needs to set the system time, if the system time setting is wrong, the incense time will change.
    5. Set the fragrance time. The fragrance will be automatically expanded within the set fragrance time.
    Daily problems in the use of perfume machine
    Q: What smells good?

A: According to the nature of the place and after communication, recommend fragrance for selection, provide customized fragrance, contact customer service to provide free sample smell. Best-selling fragrance: Shangri-La, Ritz-Carlton, Westin white tea, green tea, Oriental charm and so on
Ask: how long can a bottle of 500ML sweet atmosphere essential oil be used?
Answer: the amount of fragrance and space size, space airflow, fragrance expansion time, fragrance type, consulting customer service can estimate the number of days.

Q: How long does the scent last?
A: Fragrance is like smoke, and the air flow takes away the fragrance to reduce the fragrance concentration. Therefore, it is necessary to replenish the fragrance automatically through the fragrance diffuser to maintain the relatively stable fragrance effect.
1. When the perfume machine equipment is equipped with essential oil, do not lie down, put it upside down or put it diagonally to prevent the essential oil from leaking out and damaging the machine.
2. Do not add water to the incense expander when it is used as humidifier.
3, the fragrance directly into the machine for use, do not add water or other liquids.