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Aroma scent machine brand recommendation
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Aroma scent machine brand recommendation

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What is aroma scent machine
Scent machine use two fluid atomization technology, use the principle of air high-speed flow, ion high-speed rotating accelerator, make sweet atmosphere essential oil becomes nanometer level particle, through natural diffusing system, air conditioning system or fresh air system diffuses, fragrance floats in space, long time does not retreat to come loose.

Scent machine brand recommendation
Aroma scent machine is a kind of sweet atmosphere machine can be wired into the net, to achieve the objective of the mobile phone remote control of intelligent sweet atmosphere machine equipment, the new 2 g connection, bearing the WIFI easy to search, fast connection, monitoring and no distance limit at any time, anywhere, anytime to control of the business premises of sweet atmosphere environment, a key distribution network, the more machine monitoring, remote intelligent management convenient, group management, staff management, Level detection reminder, scan code quick search, intelligent timing Settings, environmental concentration control, multi-person sharing Settings, one-key group control (not afraid of many machines, confused).
Applicable place for scent machine

Aroma scent machine is suitable for hotels, senior hotels, high-grade office buildings, large shopping malls, b&B, Internet celebrity hotel, large conference hall, KTV, night, exhibition hall, 4S shop, beauty salon, home furnishing and other places that need to add fragrance and expand fragrance.
Perfume machine essential oil
Using natural extraction, ancient distillation, without water or other liquids, the natural fragrance of the plant itself, fragrant and pleasant, assist the brain to improve memory, eliminate brain fatigue, easy to concentrate, relax mood.