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What is a scent machine
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What is a scent machine

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Aroma Scent Machine
Scent machine is also called fragrance expanding machine, hotel fragrance system, incense adding machine, fragrance expanding machine, fragrance spraying machine, aromatherapy machine, hotel aroma, hotel aroma expanding, fragrance marketing, smell marketing and so on.
What effect does sweet atmosphere machine have?
The function of the scent machine is to improve the smell and quality of the place by atomizing the fragrance essential oil into the space environment. Mainly commercial and household, such as hotel lobby, office building, KTV, large shopping malls, exhibition halls, 4S shops, beauty salons, etc., personal use is mainly used for home, car, party and other aspects.
The working principle of scent machine

Scent machine is to use advanced technology of 2 fluid atomization, use compressed air to adjust the principle of flow, make sweet atmosphere essential oil becomes particle, use ion to adjust rotating accelerator to separate particle for nanometer sweet atmosphere essential oil particle, pass taking oneself next diffusing system or air conditioning system diffuses inside the space.
Essential oil used in perfume machine
What sweet atmosphere machine uses is plant essential oil, extract mostly through distillation, and cannot add water or add other liquid to use, sweet atmosphere essential oil is rich in the characteristic of plant itself, natural plant essential oil has improve mood, relieve the effect such as fatigue.