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Amos Aroma, the brand of Guangzhou Aroma Technology Co., LTD., is also a well-known brand supplier of fragrance marketing and fragrance customization, as well as a manufacturer of high-quality aroma essential oil and fragrance equipment in the industry. Aroma approved a number of sweet atmosphere equipment for a patent for invention of science and technology technology companies, has a strong r&d team adhere to science and technology innovation enterprise style, Aroma hotel flavored, hotel fragrance, aroma system, sweet atmosphere system, sweet atmosphere custom, clothing store flavored, essential oil fragrance, fragrance hotel, KTV flavored, bazaar flavored, home fragrance, aromatherapy system the central air conditioning, Complex aromatherapy, aromatherapy machine, aromatherapy machine and other fields have obtained more than ten patent certificates. Aroma oil imports natural materials from abroad and establishes cooperative relations with local suppliers in France, Belgium, Bulgaria and other raw material producing countries to ensure the purity of essential oil quality from the source.

As a brand enterprise with outstanding strength and core technology in China, Aroma provides customers with a number of business in fragrance equipment, such as production research and development, retail, wholesale, OEM/ODM, etc. At the same time, Arranged experienced personnel docking one-on-one for engineering side, wholesalers, distributors, agents, OEM/ODM customers do different before and after sales, maintenance, management and so on 24-hour online service, to assist customers at home and abroad to participate in project bidding, project plan, project implementation, project management, project maintenance work and so on, to meet the needs of all kinds of customers, Let every customer who choose Aroma enjoy high quality service.

As the benchmark of the industry, fragrance equipment manufacturer for ten years, fragrance marketing innovation brand, has served tens of thousands of star hotels around the world, the government incense project designated brand. Hotel in plus is sweet, sweet, office flavored, spiced office, shopping malls and incense, sales department and incense, club flavored, beauty salon and sweet, the hotel lobby and incense, theaters and incense, KTV rooms with incense, exhibition flavored, central air conditioning and sweet, fresh air system and professional supply installation, build sweet atmosphere one-stop experience platform in China.