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How does the scent machine spread brand value
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How does the scent machine spread brand value

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At the very beginning, the hotel fragrance system only appeared in internationally well-known high-end hotels, and the unique fragrance was mainly used by some international five-star hotels to create their own unique brand image. Fragrance diffusion area is mainly in the hotel lobby, guest rooms, lounge and other public places, enlarge incense machine generally installed in the central air conditioning fresh air system such as customer can't see the hidden corner of the debugging mainly selects the pure plant essential oil or blend of composite aromatic essential oil, through the spread of the central air conditioning in the outlet area, you can set the need to add sweet area, adjusting setting, concentration of aroma, It can be set according to the central air conditioning layout and the place where diffusion is needed.

At present, in order to win more customers resources, international hotel brands in the hotel, in decorating a design of the hotel, the hotel's standards, the hotel's products and customer service marketing imitate each other, this a series of factors, lead to hotel brand content, hotel culture value synchronization, similar phenomenon, create a personalized, Unique differentiated type hotel is the important content of hotel brand development strategy, is constantly shaping and development of the hotel brand core requirements, foreign hotel management group in hotel marketing fragrance, the sweet atmosphere unique hotel as a hotel and one of the important indices for other brands, industry exclusive fragrance make the hotel the sense of smell of brand image, according to the hotel brand positioning, Choose the right fragrance to improve the comfort and satisfaction of customers, and effectively improve the hotel space environment and promote the physical and mental health of hotel guests through the volatilization of essential oil. In order to let the guests of the hotel subconsciously remember the fragrance, and used to smell this fragrance to remember the experience of staying in the hotel, of course, the choice of fragrance is to interpret their own hotel brand style, image, culture has played a finishing touch.

An important part of the fragrance system: fragrance expanding machine (also called fragrance adding machine, fragrance machine, fragrance spraying machine, aromatherapy machine), fragrance essential oil. The quality of the incense expanding machine is an important guarantee for the subsequent maintenance times and costs of the hotel. A good quality incense expanding machine does not need to worry about oil leakage, oil accumulation, sudden no incense, inaccurate setting time, machine failure and other problems. Fragrance essential oil quality, can directly experience the grade of the hotel, pure plant fragrance essential oil, pleasant fragrance, intoxicant, can not forget for a long time, occasionally smell will think of once lived in the hotel is also this fragrance, subconsciously remember the name of the hotel, you can not forget. After chemical processing and addition of essence oil, pungent fragrance, not only did not have the original effect of plants, smell may be uncomfortable.

Since its establishment, Amos Aroma brand has gradually occupied the domestic market and spread to other parts of the world with excellent quality, unique product design and professional and perfect after-sales service, and has rapidly grown into one of the top ten fragrance equipment manufacturers in the world. The plant essential oils used are imported from high-quality countries of origin, such as France, Australia, the United States, Brazil, Italy, Bulgaria and other countries; All products are registered in the article numbering center of China, the quality is reliable, sweet atmosphere oil at home and abroad of various inspection test report is complete, the federal communications commission FCC certification, CE certification, ROHS certification, ISET S.R.L certification, quality management system certification of international import and export related certificates, sells in distant markets places such as Europe, America, Middle East, southeast Asia, European and American brand OEM, with FCL output system, loved by domestic and foreign markets, brand and strength certification.