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Fragrance system
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Fragrance system

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What is fragrance system:
Sweet atmosphere system, also called aroma, aroma system, refers to the spiced enlarge a space spread fragrance, sweet atmosphere system is actually named by fresh air system, central air conditioning system, because sweet atmosphere oil access/central air conditioning system, air system sends the fragrance to the designated space, make the space fragrance 4 excessive, so we call it Fragrance system.

Role of fragrance system:
Been to five-star hotels may also don't know if I have come in contact with sweet atmosphere system, when you step into the gate of tangy scent, is comfortable and relaxed, happy, this is sweet atmosphere in the hotel system and the role of incense, in addition, the use of sweet atmosphere system not only remove the odor, light faint scent can increase the customer's impression, Exclusive fragrance let customers subconsciously remember the taste of the brand, enhance the brand awareness of customers, play another role in brand promotion.

Principle of fragrance system:
Sweet atmosphere system equipment mainly sweet atmosphere machine, expansion of sweet sweet atmosphere oil as raw materials, adopting international advanced two fluid atomization technology, using the principle of high-speed flow of compressed air, oil into nanoscale particles, spread out, using fresh air system or central air conditioning system spread to the designated space, space to add incense, to achieve the goal of marketing fragrance.

Use place of fragrance system:
At present, most five-star hotels, large shopping malls, high-end beauty salons, brand clothing stores, brand car 4S shops, real estate sales centers, high-end office buildings will introduce the Arnoma fragrance system (fragrance expanding machine). The fragrance system has also gradually entered People's Daily life, bringing nature home and making your life in fresh air every day.