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Fragrance system how to add fragrance to the office space
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Fragrance system how to add fragrance to the office space

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Working for a long time, there will be a feeling of boredom, this is the same as other things, do for a long time will inevitably be a feeling of boredom, this is human nature. How to break the dull atmosphere in the office? Make the employee's work efficiency to reduce error rate in the work, let staff confidence, study, good work environment can make people relax, improve work efficiency, and more willing to spend more passion to adopt effective work plan, in addition, in the warm atmosphere, office environment helps to reduce environmental problems, increase happiness, improve work efficiency, Reduce stress. In a series of experiments, typing errors were greatly reduced when employees were working in lemon and lavender aromas, while typing speed and accuracy were greatly improved when employees were working in mint aromas. Especially in the afternoon, due to a variety of external factors or the weather, people's spirits will be lower than in the morning, and they are prone to sleepiness and poor working conditions.

The sweet atmosphere creates a positive environment, reduces stress, reduces fatigue, improves working conditions and performance.


Scent effect:
Reduce employee stress
Lift your spirits and boost your productivity
Low work error rate
Stimulate employees' creativity
Create a pleasant working environment

Aroma pure plant essential oil is extracted by ancient distillation method, the fragrance is the most original plant fragrance, fresh and natural, all the messy and negative can be washed and purified by the power of nature, can be used in most commercial office environment in the air conditioning system to spread throughout the space.