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Shangri-la Hotel fragrance system (perfume machine) application
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Shangri-la Hotel fragrance system (perfume machine) application

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Sweet atmosphere hotel marketing already has a history, currently about 98% of the world's star hotel have enabled sweet atmosphere system, in which we are aware of all brands had sweet atmosphere on the implementation of hotel marketing, the most recognizable brand is the asia-pacific region's largest and most luxurious, shangri-la hotel group in the flavoring industry "shangri-la" is a kind of scent, It is the object of many small brand hotels to imitate, its fragrance is fragrant, fragrant and pleasant, and even many hotels directly use shangri-La this fragrant scheme.

The four words "feel at home" aptly reflect the feeling of guests staying at Shangri-La Hotel. Staying at Shangri-La also reflects the guests' taste for exceptional service, tranquil surroundings, and inspired architecture and design. In addition, the hotel hope for customers in the first 10 minutes into the hotel, you can feel sweet and warm by shangri-la, shangri-la hotel sweet atmosphere system, and therefore start "shangri-la sweet atmosphere" is fundamental key with vanilla, sandalwood and musk, and with a little bit of bergamot, white tea and ginger chic aroma, shangri-la is not bring fragrance to the person, Can also play the role of calming the mind and soothing the mood.

Because human olfactory recognition is sharper and longer-lasting than we thought, experiments showed that visual memory of photos dropped to 50 percent after three months, but even after a year, olfactory memory was 64 percent accurate." In olfactory recognition of hotel fragrances, customers can recall the pleasant experience of staying in the hotel, transforming the identity of a specific fragrance into dependence and trust in the hotel brand. When customers associate breath with the brand over and over again from time to time, the brand image is strengthened. Reality also proves that, with the hotel waiting, "Shangri-La fragrance" has now become the smell symbol of Shangri-La hotel, a common name card.