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Scent marketing what need to notice
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Scent marketing what need to notice

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Through a series of optional, import, spread, evaluation and debugging, and a series of procedures, we must choose the brand visual, auditory, such as the perfume of organic fusion recognition system, accurately grasp the characteristics of the core customer base and sensory, give a person leave deep impression of scent marketing implementation is a long-term systematic project, sweet atmosphere must ensure that consumers have no allergic reaction, Try to avoid confrontation with people sensitive to fragrance, and cooperate with professional market communication suggestions and market data collection and analysis. A successful marketing smell the smell of the label design is worth more than thousands of media, brand promotion, to build a brand experience beyond the traditional visual and auditory model, environment, make the customer can attract various senses from physiological, psychological, spiritual point of view to change the introduction of their sense of smell and building is not only an important channel, effective communication is the trend of the brand communication. When implementing olfactory marketing, enterprises should also pay attention to the following :".

First of all, to master customers' feelings and memories for olfactory marketing. The data showed that when people recalled photos from three months ago, they recalled the smell of the photos they had seen three months earlier with only 50 percent accuracy. Because smell has the function of affecting customers' mood and memory, enterprises can take this opportunity to carry out perfume marketing, and use fragrance to advertise, so as to win customers. An American perfume company, for example, is experimenting for the first time with using the magazine's fragrance pages to advertise. The "perfume pages" ads, usually sandwiching between women's magazines and home magazines, are accompanied by a small drop of perfume, which can be seen as a seductive scent. At the same time, in all walks of life are like the inspiration, commonly used up the sense of smell marketing, Rolls-Royce motor cars on the architectural digest also made corresponding advertising, its page "smell" is on the seat leather shoes natural breath, when consumers buy Rolls-Royce motor cars, naturally think of the flavor of the car, subconsciously strengthened the impression of the brand.

Second, carefully design and choose perfume scent marketing. Some supermarkets have been trying to market the smell of the shopping environment. In retail and other service industries, in the shopping environment, add some warm and comfortable atmosphere, increase the transaction opportunities. Customers shopping in this environment, because of its distinctive smell, will linger longer on items and inevitably make more purchases at the supermarket." For example, during breakfast time, McDonald's Beijing branch can advertise McDonald's breakfast on the billboard of the shelter and pop up the fragrance system to remind people rushing to work to enjoy McDonald's healthy breakfast. For example, modern consumers are eager to breathe the natural taste of nature, and products with natural flavor are the darling of the market.

So what are the devices and materials that are really needed for all of these olfactory marketing applications? Enlargement of sweet sweet atmosphere oil raw material selection is one of the most important, if choose the fragrance, unsuitable backfire, sniff make customers feel unwell, so be sure to choose the right scent and sweet atmosphere oil with good quality, don't cry because it is to save money or seduced, when buying must know many sided, choose reliable oil factory. Aroma essential oil is imported pure plant extract natural fragrance essential oil, in line with national and international standards, delicate fragrance, comfortable and pleasant, is the designated products of many five-star hotels, also used in a large number of clothing stores, 4S shops, cinemas, beauty salons, clubs, large shopping malls. Have good sweet atmosphere oil, if there is no expansion of machine power, is also less than customers, Arnold multi-function intelligent expansion incense machine, simple operation, remote APP manipulation, high stability, concentration of aroma is adjustable, big brand safeguard, through a variety of test report of both at home and abroad, on expanding machine, and guide the installation and maintenance, let you buy felt relieved, Comfortable to use.