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The lobby fragrance fragrance marketing | shangri-la
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The lobby fragrance fragrance marketing | shangri-la

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Perfume you are familiar with, and many, many different kinds of sweet atmosphere oil, today we are going to talk to you sweet atmosphere oil in the space of the above apply, sweet atmosphere can also like perfume has, in and after, flavouring division nose like a god endowed with magic and Arnold of manasseh, sweet atmosphere oil scent from flavourists fashion concept design, light faint scent, relieve anxiety, Relieve fatigue effect, let you instantly forget all work worries.

Let the life become romantic and fun, don't let yourself live rough, there has exquisite taste, will spend time on sweet atmosphere, even if again busy, they also don't want to lose this belong to a ritual of life feeling, enjoy the hotel expansion of sweet atmosphere, listen to music, holding a book reading, time is slow, this time, the most comfortable!

Enjoy transformative services in cities and resorts in tranquil surroundings." Luxury and comfort are synonymous with Shangri-La, satisfying people's expectations and appreciation of beauty, quality and excellence. Shangri-la Hotel will allow you to enjoy the true modern quality of fragrance life art for customers with higher and more diverse needs.

Not only shangri-La, But also The hotel fragrance marketing plan of Anuma Fragrance has been implemented in many hotels, and the exclusive fragrance fragrance has been designed for different hotels. Each fragrance essential oil records different memories and tastes.


Shangri-la Hotel pays attention to high-quality brand effect, fragrance brand marketing is part of this, is also an important part of enhancing the sensory experience of customers, it aims to create a unique, highly recognizable fragrance, to show every customer shangri-La quality of life concept.
No matter which shangri-La hotel you enter, the unique fragrance with French romantic feelings, endless joy, become an important part of the unique memory of Shangri-La