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Aroma hotel aromatherapy machine, also called sweet atmosphere, expanding machine, add incense machine, aromatherapy instrument hotel, hotel equipment, expanding spiced equipment, enlarge incense equipment, fragrance, casting machine, perfume sprayer, hotel fragrance diffusion equipment, fragrance spreading machine, aromatic diffuser, add incense machine, ACTS on the interior space of air purification, improving air quality, smell the air, increase the room fragrance, Aroma into a new dimension of the sense of smell, the space is not only satisfied with the customer's sense of smell, experience the natural, health, environmental protection aromatherapy blend in to the different scenarios of visual effect, have the experience in the visual, hearing, smell, all-round enjoyment, security products, smell, art performance, customer experience balance is the ultimate purpose of olfactory marketing up to each other.

The diversity and intelligence of scent diffuser enable it to naturally blend into different environments. In addition to star hotels, aromatherapy machine is also used in large shopping malls, conference halls, senior clubs, high-end restaurants, office buildings, beauty salons, subways, waiting halls, convention centers, KTV, bars, dance halls and other service places. It can be connected to the central air conditioning system or fresh air system to spread the fragrance into the space area, or it can be independently placed with its own fragrance spreading system to add fragrance to the space.

Guangzhou Aroma Technology co., LTD. Is a collection research and development, design, production, sales as one of professional space and aromatherapy essential oil fragrance equipment, more than 10 years of industry experience, for marketing, smell fragrance, aromatherapy, have unique insights, to help tens of thousands of star hotels at home and abroad, shopping malls, office buildings, office, Casinos, clubs, etc., plan and implement fragrance marketing programs. Modern science and art from the psychological and physical experience of a life attitude, make the body and mind happy, relax the body, relieve fatigue, improve psychological pressure. Aroma independent research and development of the production of products are: hotel aromatherapy machine, large aromatherapy machine, vertical aromatherapy machine, wall hanging aromatherapy machine, suction top aromatherapy machine, central air conditioning aromatherapy machine, fresh air system aromatherapy machine, aromatherapy essential oil, aroma essential oil, etc.