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The smell buster - The scent machine
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The smell buster - The scent machine

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Around us there are many places will have peculiar smell, in many hotels, bars, clubs, hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, such as people more populated places, clean does not reach the designated position, especially in the corner or toilet, peculiar smell is long-standing, walked into the bathroom sometimes like to undergo a major war, you can imagine, Not only is the smell bad for the business image, it's likely to lose a lot of customers. What other way to solve the problem, besides air purifiers? In fact, the installation of hotel fragrance system incense expander and aroma diffuser essential oil, in order to really large space incense, hotel fragrance system incense machine is the terminator of odor.

Expanding the use of scent machine is not only to eliminate peculiar smell, also can make the space is full of sweet atmosphere, disgusting smell will give a bad impression for the customer, on the contrary, charming fragrance also can give family leave deep impression, guangzhou Arnold sweet atmosphere, focus on sweet atmosphere system research and development, production and sales, with advanced WIFI, 2 g function expansion machine is simple and convenient to use, At the same time, Arnoma has its own essential oil laboratory, which can provide customers with a variety of places of fragrance, but also can develop exclusive fragrance essential oil, send out unique fragrance.