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Remote control, smart scent machine
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Remote control, smart scent machine

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Speaking of perfumers, I'm sure many people have used or heard of them. Generally speaking, the commercial place such as hotel needs to use perfume machine. They basically choose to cooperate with the fragrance company, rent the fragrance expansion machine of the fragrance company, pay the rent every month, the fragrance company will do the fragrance replacement and maintenance of the fragrance adding machine once or twice a month.

Why do many commercial organizations choose this kind of leasing cooperation? Instead of buying the perfumer and essential oils all at once? I believe a lot of people do this at the beginning, but the final effect is not ideal, they can only choose to cooperate with the fragrance company, because the installation of the machine and the operation of the machine really bring them trouble.

With the development of The Times, the concept of smart home came into being. I believe everyone knows what a smart home is. I won't say another word. The key this time is sweet atmosphere machine also successfully realized "WIFI/2G connection", joined the ranks of intelligent household thereby. , the real intelligent incense adding machine.

That is to say, the operation of sweet atmosphere machine can become very simple and convenient in the future. All you have to do is connect the WIFI to your phone, and the concentration and timing can be achieved at any time and place.