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Is it harmful to human body to use the scent machines for a long time
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Is it harmful to human body to use the scent machines for a long time

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Scent machine is more and more widely used, in addition to the hotel, a lot of shopping malls, jewelry stores, clothing store, business center, household, etc., fragrance smell fragrant, makes a man a long time don't forget, is greatly improved the grade of the space, so a lot of places within the flavoring machine is opened for a long time, so long time use expand sweet opportunity is not going to have a harm to human body?

Scent machine is the equipment that atomizes sweet atmosphere essential oil to become nanometer particle only, the aroma that we smell sends out is sweet atmosphere essential oil nanometer particle actually, and have to human body one harm basically depends on the quality of sweet atmosphere essential oil.

If it is natural fragrance essential oil will not affect health, only inferior fragrance essential oil will make people feel uncomfortable, dizziness and other adverse symptoms, and even lung health problems.
The benefits of natural fragrance essential oil:

It can remove odor and create a good space environment
Reduce fatigue and improve happiness
Make people relaxed, relaxed and happy
Soothe irritability, relieve pressure and so on
Because sweet atmosphere essential oil volatilizes characteristic, the space that uses sweet atmosphere essential oil is met more dry cool, have certain insecticide-proof bacterium function.

Of course, these all depend on the sweet atmosphere essential oil of high quality, if it is low purity, the inferior sweet atmosphere essential oil of chemical blending does not benefit after using not only, still can cause harm to human body, serious and possibly even cause cancer.

When using sweet atmosphere system, want to choose a good quality to add sweet machine not only, sweet atmosphere essential oil of good quality, not only fragrant happy person, have the natural advantage of numerous plant oneself. The purity of natural sweet atmosphere essential oil is higher the price is higher, the purity is lower the price is lower, because this is in sweet atmosphere essential oil of choose and buy, must not be greedy for cheap, to how to distinguish the quality of sweet atmosphere essential oil, if you have any questions, can contact our Anoma sweet atmosphere, we are the manufacturer of professional sweet atmosphere equipment and sweet atmosphere essential oil. Call us to help you solve all the problems related to fragrance equipment, fragrance essential oil.