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The role of fragrance marketing in brand marketing
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The role of fragrance marketing in brand marketing

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Scent marketing is a new marketing method which is different from traditional visual marketing and auditory marketing. In scientific research, we found that fragrance marketing is through the human body's sense of smell, dig out more subtle feelings, make people feel comfortable, make people happy, and form a special attraction, identity and memory! Through visual and auditory matching, we can quickly improve the level of service and brand impression! Flavor marketing is not only the promotion of hard power, but also the promotion of soft power.

Consumers can breathe and experience beautiful, natural and comfortable scenes through the fragrance system, so they are willing to stay in the consumption scene for a long time to generate consumption or improve their brand awareness. This is the charm of fragrance marketing! The relationship between aroma marketing and brand marketing has a subconscious connection when customers enter the consumption scene!

Fragrance is worth more than a thousand words. Fragrance marketing plays a role in brand marketing like music and accessories. It can make people form new cognition to the brand, environmental fragrance can establish brand cognition connection. In the process of product promotion or activity planning, through fragrance marketing to create a comfortable and pleasant consumer atmosphere, to achieve the purpose of improving customer or guest experience, the most important point to build a company brand is to be associated with the brand fragrance. -- Scent can have a positive effect on negative emotions such as anger, depression, depression and depression. Scents can make people feel happy, sexy, relaxed and positive.

The second link between scent marketing and brand marketing is to create unique brand aromas, or brand memory aromas: Brand is tasteless, but our fragrance marketing has found its own unique brand flavor, give the brand more recognition, stand out in the broad market, and people can quickly identify the taste of the brand, and remember him, this is the charm of the brand fragrance!

At present, scent marketing has been widely used in hotels, shopping centers, subway stations, exhibition centers, entertainment places, jewelry, clothing, commercial real estate, home decoration, automobile 4S shops, KTV and other industries. With the improvement of consumption level in China, spice culture has been paid more and more attention. Due to the inheritance of fragrance culture and the pursuit of human personality in the consumption upgrade, flavor marketing is blooming with more and more charm power, and the association with brand marketing, is active in various marketing scenes!