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Aroma scent machine Hotel fragrance machine essential oil diffuser perfume machine
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Aroma scent machine Hotel fragrance machine essential oil diffuser perfume machine

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The advantage of Aroma aromatherapy machine is to improve the air quality of people's living space, beautify the air in the space, and add fragrance.

A, Aroma hotel fragrance machine working principle:

Aroma hotel perfume machine is the use of two fluid atomization technology, the use of compressed air high-speed flow principle, the use of fragrance essential oil particles, and then use ion high-speed rotary accelerator to separate particles into nano fragrance essential oil particles, and then through its own diffusion system or air conditioning system diffusion to the site.

B, Aroma incense machine type:

According to the size of the space is divided into: large space incense machine, space incense expanding machine, small space aromatherapy machine.

According to the appearance of the installation is divided into: central air conditioning incense expanding machine, column lobby incense expanding machine, wall hanging incense adding machine, suction top fragrance machine, multi-functional incense expanding machine.

According to the performance of the equipment, it can be divided into: mechanical button incense expanding machine, remote control incense adding machine, WIFI intelligent fragrance machine (recommended purchase), WiFi intelligent incense expanding machine (recommended purchase).

C, the scope of application of Aroma incense extender:

Aroma expansion machine using range is very wide, can be used according to the size, appearance and other OEM/ODM processing customized for use place of expansion machine, often used in hotel, the hotel lobby, the brand chain, beauty salons, bars, KTV, large conference hall, subway, high-speed, airport terminal, music bar, tea room, bedroom, study, conference and exhibition center, Public toilets and other indoor places.

At present, in the hotel design, hotel standards, hotel supplies and hotel services, marketing means to imitate each other, as well as the hotel brand content, hotel cultural value gradually assimilation. The hotel management group is constantly innovating, highlighting its unique personality and improving its development strategy. Constantly shaping the development core of corporate culture. Foreign hotel management group in the promotion of hotel marketing fragrance at the same time, as the important symbol of the hotel, the hotel fragrance and the differentiation of the hotel fragrance introduced Aroma hotel sweet atmosphere system, according to the hotel brand positioning, select the appropriate create romantic fragrance, sweet, comfortable and sweet atmosphere environment, improve the guest's moderate degree and goodwill, subconscious memory fragrance, for Let the guests remember the fragrance of the hotel, associated with the hotel's style, image, culture.