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No. 12, Luqing Street, the first economic cooperative of Luogang Village, Junhe Street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou


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+86 13560178071


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+86 13560178071

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Cinema incense expanding machine Hotel lobby column incense adding machine shopping mall incense machine system
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Cinema incense expanding machine Hotel lobby column incense adding machine shopping mall incense machine system

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Guangzhou Aroma Technology Co., Ltd. is a company focusing on olfactory marketing system, fragrance expanding machine equipment, fragrance essential oil production and processing, space fragrance service suppliers, the main products are: Cinema expanding machine, the lobby column add incense machine, mall sweet atmosphere system, fragrance machines, automatic casting machine, aromatherapy, aromatherapy essential oil, car fragrance, incense machine oil, and no fire aromatherapy, car fragrance, fragrance system, etc., suitable for hotels, shopping malls, auto 4 s shops, KTV, office buildings, sales offices, exhibition halls, pavilions and other public places.

As consumer attitudes have changed, marketing programs have improved,

The role of using Arnoma fragrance system (fragrance expander) in marketing:

1. Improving the overall image of the project and customer satisfaction can increase the stay time of consumers and promote consumption or secondary consumption.

2. Improve the satisfaction of cleaning work and enhance the brand image of the enterprise.

3. Soothe emotions, reduce pressure and create a pleasant environment.

4, Aroma incense expanding machine wide range of incense expanding, cost saving.

Aroma Strength:

1, with 9000 square meters of production base, 5000 square meters of workshop, automatic assembly line production, can provide a large number of OEM/ODM OEM services.

2. Professional product design and development team, perfumer team, according to customer requirements, develop exclusive fragrance marketing plan.

3. Accumulated service of ten thousand brand hotels, shopping malls, beauty salons, cinemas, exhibition centers, office buildings, etc., with 8 years of experience in space fragrance.

4, quality management, Aroma products have related test reports and test results.

5, Aroma production of incense expansion machine equipment need not consider after-sales problems, Aroma has a dedicated after-sales service team, 24 hours online service, to provide you with relevant knowledge answers.

6. Exclusive fragrance becomes the new identity of consumption places.