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Large area essential oil perfuming machine The hotel's intelligent perfuming system adds perfuming regularly
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Large area essential oil perfuming machine The hotel's intelligent perfuming system adds perfuming regularly

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Have style environment, nature little not fragrance foil, below different setting, what you may need is romantic, or happiness, or it is appetite..... The Arnoma hotel fragrance system can control different fragrance diffusers to every corner of the hotel space through mobile phones, creating different hotel atmosphere and improving the brand image of the hotel.

Aroma Hotel Fragrance System:

1. Network distribution function:

Scan code on the home page or network configuration button to configure the device network.

2. Remote control

The home page has been paired with devices, which can be used for timing switch and fragrance concentration adjustment.

3. Authorization Management:

You can authorize a third party to manage paired devices.

4. Grouping function

Batch control equipment switch switch; Batch timing; Batch authorization and batch setting of essential oil names. Solve unnecessary single tedious operation, easier to use.

5, liquid level detection reminder

Use of essential oil detection, check the use of essential oil at any time, remind customers to replace essential oil.

Aroma hotel sweet atmosphere system expansion incense machine has been more and more businesses used in different commercial service place, no matter you in the hotel restaurant, shopping malls, KTV, chains, 4 s shops, leisure center, commercial establishments in the sense of smell quietly experience, have a lot of experience have noticed this pleasant fragrance, even many people have been looking for a fragrance, I wanted to take it home.

Aroma as sweet atmosphere system manufacturers, sweet atmosphere marketing focus, has more than 9000 square meters of production base, more than 5000 square meters production workshop, production expansion machine, large and small add incense machine, sweet atmosphere machine, aromatherapy machine, fragrant machine, breeze machine, casting machine, etc., suitable for large space flavored, medium-sized space spicy, spicy small space, household spicy, etc. The sweet atmosphere environment that builds different atmosphere.