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Essential oil atomizing and perfuming machine Fragrance machine system perfuming machine manufacturer aromatherapy machine Company
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Essential oil atomizing and perfuming machine Fragrance machine system perfuming machine manufacturer aromatherapy machine Company

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The site air after the use of fragrance equipment can be more fresh and comfortable, giving people a good impression, so that customers feel more tasteful and grade, but also for the image of the company to enhance a higher level of smell brand awareness. At the same time, some consumption venues can also allow customers to stay more and increase consumption, but also break the traditional way of visual and auditory marketing, reflecting a more diversified marketing model.Arnoma product features:

1. Intelligent remote setting, timing setting, segmented incense adding setting, fragrance concentration adjustment, etc.

2. Adopt new atomizing technology to ensure more delicate and uniform essential oil, better fragrance spreading range, faster fragrance spreading, longer fragrance retention time, easier adjustment and more economical essential oil.

3, simple and convenient operation, intelligent.

4, quiet operation, away from noise pollution.

5, natural fragrance essential oil, better quality, more pure fragrance, pleasant fragrance.

The difference between Aroma incense expanding machine and ordinary incense spraying machine:

Aroma expansion incense machine adopts the two-fluid atomization technology, use compressed air to adjust the principle of popular, make sweet atmosphere oil atomization particles, reuse ion adjustment placed accelerator pack to separate particles into a sweet atmosphere oil nanoparticles, by bringing fresh air diffusion system or air conditioning system spread to the area, therefore, expanding machine, also known as sweet atmosphere system, system of fragrance, perfume system, etc.

Ordinary perfume machine directly spray out the fragrance through mechanical compression, spray out the fragrance of liquid droplets, spray far can only spread far, and can not love suspended in the air, fragrance concentration is not uniform, a space will also appear fragrance to pungent, bland to tasteless situation. When landing, it will attach to the object and cause pollution. It is limited to small area of incense spreading, and the effect of large area of incense spreading cannot be mastered.

Arnoma incense spreading machine is widely used in hotel lobby, office buildings, 4S shops, gyms, subway stations, high-speed rail stations, airport waiting rooms, chain brand stores, beauty salons and other commercial places, indoor space odor treatment, beautify the space environment, increase the space atmosphere.