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Hotel lobby aromatherapy machine Aroma scent machine essential oil spread incense machine add incense machine manufacturer
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Hotel lobby aromatherapy machine Aroma scent machine essential oil spread incense machine add incense machine manufacturer

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Hotel lobby aromatherapy machine installation is divided into local installation and overall installation, aromatherapy system generally guide the overall installation of the aromatherapy area is relatively large when the use of aromatherapy installation, according to the size of the aromatherapy area, aromatherapy area structure, distribution, central air conditioning system, fresh air system and so on to choose the appropriate aromatherapy.

Take the hotel as an example, at present, most of the more famous hotels have introduced the Aroma aromatherapy system, especially the hotel lobby, will focus on aromatherapy, according to the area of the hotel lobby, structure, installation of aromatherapy system, develop aromatherapy system scheme.

The following groups of schemes are for reference only:

1, the hotel lobby area of about 100 square meters, you can use a separate or wall hanging small aromatherapy machine Aroma S80 or S100, easy to install, fast and simple.

2, the hotel lobby area of about one hundred to three hundred square meters, there can be a variety of schemes:

1) Evenly distribute small aromatherapy machines S80 or S100,

2) can be placed at the entrance of the hotel lobby column expansion machine, ANuma S150 column expansion machine, S250 column expansion machine.

3) can be installed above the revolving door an effective space of 1500 cubic meters of aromatreatment machine, if there is no revolving door, can be installed in the middle ceiling of the hotel lobby one or more hotel incense machine.

3. The lobby of the hotel is 400 to 600 square meters

1) Install two vertical perfumers with a space of 1000 cubic meters,

2) Connect with the central air conditioning system and install the incense expander.

4) The hotel lobby area of 600 or more, depending on the structure of the hotel lobby, there is no barrier board in the middle, make full use of the facilities in the hotel, can choose to connect the central air conditioning system or fresh air system, can also be modified according to the actual situation in the place.

The above is the hotel lobby aromatherapy machine installation scheme, the specific implementation depends on the actual situation of the site.

Guangzhou Aroma Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces hotel aromatherapy machine, incense expanding machine, incense adding machine, incense spraying machine, essential oil incense expanding machine, hotel fragrance system, fragrance marketing system, smell marketing system, etc., Aroma production base is located in Guangzhou, covers an area of 9000 square meters, factory has 5000 square production workshop, Can provide a large number of OEM/ODM OEM services for domestic and foreign customers.