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Hotel lobby aromatherapy machine factory central air conditioning fragrance system
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Hotel lobby aromatherapy machine factory central air conditioning fragrance system

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We have lived in many hotels have smelled the charming fragrance, that for the hotel industry, to create a beautiful and personalized hotel lobby aromatherapy is also the focus of the hotel group.

The hotel lobby is the central hub for customers to enter the hotel, and the fragrance experience of the hotel lobby will be an important link in the overall hotel experience. The importance of aromatherapy in the hotel lobby can be analyzed as follows:

1, Hotel lobby aromatherapy working principle:

Hotel lobby is the importance of aromatherapy in beginning to smell the fragrance of customers into the hotel, to achieve this effect, it is through the hotel expansion incense machine aromatherapy oil into nanoparticles after spread to space, general Arnold will provides the high configuration for the hotel, the right of space intelligent expansion machine, using the APP intelligent management, set up working time at any time, Work during the time when the hotel needs to be perfumed, so that the hotel needs to be perfumed with even and beautiful fragrance. Such as hotel lobby, corridor corridor, elevator room, gym, toilet and so on.

2, Hotel lobby aromatherapy type selection

In order to create a unique and personalized hotel aromatherapy, hotel lobby aromatherapy will choose the appropriate fragrance according to the hotel's brand, decoration style, marketing strategy, or customize exclusive fragrance, to create exclusive hotel brand aromatherapy, the most common popular fragrance are: Westin white tea, Shangri-La, Genie and so on, Aroma's fragrance library has thousands of fragrance can be selected by hotel customers, but also can be customized for the hotel exclusive fragrance.

3. Managed the aromatherapy and incense expander in the hotel lobby

Hotel lobby aromatherapy is through the hotel expansion machine equipment expansion of incense, create a romantic charming beautiful hotel lobby aromatherapy depends on expanding machine work stable, so the expansion of machine is the necessary management maintenance, is the guarantee the lobby fragrance stability an important factor, Arnold the expansion of the provide hotel lobby fragrance of incense machine equipment, can realize the intelligent management, Automatic setting of working time, aromatherapy essential oil level detection, fragrance concentration, fool operation, greatly reduce the hotel in the use of incense expander management and maintenance costs. Aroma incense diffuser can also be connected to the central air conditioning system, can also be placed independently or wall hanging and other multi-functional installation.