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Aroma system scheme of hotel scent machine essential oil commercial perfuming machine
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Aroma system scheme of hotel scent machine essential oil commercial perfuming machine

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When Aroma perfumed many business places, it found that most of the business place customers were not very familiar with the fragrance marketing solution, except that they liked the fragrance and they liked to spend there. Today, Aroma will talk to you about the hotel perfuming machine aromatherapy essential oil commercial perfuming machine system scheme.

Aromatherapy marketing is a kind of experiential marketing, different aromatherapy essential oil fragrance will play different roles in soothing, quiet or exciting mood, in different business scenes to choose their own fragrance place will make the whole place of marketing atmosphere subtle changes!

Hotel perfuming machine perfuming essential oil commercial perfuming machine system scheme

Therefore, when we for our own local hotel perfuming machine aroma essential oil commercial perfuming machine system scheme, the first thing to consider is: in the need to add fragrance in the space, where should provide perfume? The layout of the space is different, and the installation position of the incense machine will be different." Currently, Aroma offers perfumers that can be connected to the fresh air system and perfumers that can be mounted directly on the wall with fans. Different connection methods will also have a certain impact on the effect of spatial fragrance. When we determine where the fragrance is provided, this means that there will be a basic estimate of the amount of perfuming equipment and the amount of essential oil cost.

Second, how many aromas will need to be created, or will the fragrance fill the space? Fragrance marketing focuses on creating a pleasant atmosphere, and people have a good taste for a good fragrance! However, the person's sense of smell also has natural sensitivity to smell, there will be different experience in continuous and intermittent smell experience. However, the distribution of perfume areas in commercial scenarios should also be considered according to the actual space. A relatively open hall can fill the whole space with fragrance. Zoning different areas may need to do some basic fragrance areas!

Third, how long and when does it take for the fragrance to spread? Aroma aromatherapy machine products provide intelligent control, you can set the timing mode. For example, at present some large shopping malls are open from 9 am to 9 PM, some Internet cafes are open all day from morning to night, while some commercial clubs may focus on allowing customers to visit at different times of the day or night. So, at this time, it is necessary to consider, reasonably according to the crowd flow, so that the fragrance of the perfume diffuser can be distributed when appropriate and needed, so as to achieve better fragrance marketing effect!

Fourth, how to combine my fragrance with the scheme? In our communication with many perfuming solutions in commercial environments, we found that fragrance marketing can be a successful marketing solution if fragrance is well combined with the solution! But if the positioning is not clear, the perfume marketing solution is not perfect. Arnoma helps lay out fragrance systems for many places by researching different fragrances for different places. To sum up, in the business environment, there is a need to create a place that makes people feel happy and excited, and there is also a need for special deodorization of space fragrance scheme, as well as quiet and safe experience and warm fragrance environment. These different needs will also determine our choice of essential oils!

Aroma has many years of experience in the commercial perfuming system of hotel perfuming machine essential oil, suitable for multi-scene commercial perfuming machine, essential oil.