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Hotel shopping mall intelligent aromatherapy machine factory fragrance expansion machine OEM fragrance machine
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Hotel shopping mall intelligent aromatherapy machine factory fragrance expansion machine OEM fragrance machine

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Aroma Smart aromatherapy machine manufacturer was established in 2012. Amos Aroma is a fragrance enterprise integrating product design, research and development, production and sales. The production base covers an area of 9000 square meters, the factory has 5000 square meters of production workshop and a number of automatic production lines, more than 100 employees, providing ODM/OEM processing services, fragrance system solutions, with all kinds of fragrance products r & D and production strength. And has a perfect product quality inspection department and system, strictly implement product safety and quality policy.

Venice holiday hotel and sweet atmosphere enterprise cooperation, to create the unique aroma, for customers in the hotel lobby builds a pure and fresh, like nature as environment, won the unanimous favorable comment of customer, at present, used in Venice hotel lobby, the aroma of "diamond", is carefully selected by sweet atmosphere team and hotel management, there are many different kinds of scent of sweet atmosphere oil, The hotel will also change the smell of different fragrance essential oil, to create a different theme atmosphere for customers, elegant, chic, comfortable, small and fresh, romantic are full of different scenery. Hotel lobby, banquet Hall, conference center, guest room, gym... Wherever there is a high concentration of people, hotels are trying to differentiate themselves through scent diffusion.


1, LCD touch control, unique frequency division management system

2, low operating cost, large space for diffusion

3. No fragrance remains in the ventilation duct

4. Even distribution of environmental fragrance

5. Odor can be adjusted and controlled

6, using the newly developed patent nozzle, can atomize the essence into nano particles. Thus ensuring no fragrance residue in the pipeline

7. Without any installation pipeline, it is directly placed near the air inlet of the fresh air unit.

8, microcomputer automatic control, can set the daily switching time and frequency.

9, 2G/WIFI one-click networking, APP/ computer remote management Settings

Usage scenarios: auto 4 s shop plus system, hotel and incense, automatic casting machine, automatic machine, expanding incense system split large expansion machine is applicable to the hotel lobby, large-scale exhibition hall, department store, wedding studio, hotel, auto 4 s shops, large office, sales department, the cinema, all kinds of large area connecting place of central air conditioning flavored.