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Hotel aromatherapy smart scent machine add incense machine scent marketing system
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Hotel aromatherapy smart scent machine add incense machine scent marketing system

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Scent marketing is a long-term systematic project, in order to achieve a better sense of smell marketing effect, need through the evaluation, choice, installation, testing, information feedback and so on a series of procedures, the use of aromatic essential oils, aromatherapy essential oil is very exquisite, must match the brand visual, auditory integration environment of the space, complement each other, in order to give customers a deeper impression, Also need to master the customer group information and sense of smell. The sweet atmosphere essential oil that uses also must want to ensure safety, green, environmental protection, avirulent, do not have the adverse reaction that other brings to consumer, want to listen to anoma sweet atmosphere company professional guidance proposal at the same time.

Using customers' sense of smell for production marketing is an important channel of effective brand communication, but also the trend of brand communication, the successful sense of smell marketing mark is more than ten million media promotion costs. Therefore, the expenditure of olfactory marketing should be included in the annual budget of brand promotion, to create an olfactory brand experience, to put customers in an environment that can attract a variety of senses, to understand customers from physiological, psychological, spiritual and other aspects, and influence customers. Make customers and brand more closely connected.

Mastering customers' emotion and memory to carry out fragrance marketing is also an important way to successfully implement fragrance marketing. The study showed that people were 68 percent accurate in recalling smells from a year ago, compared to 45 percent for photos taken three months ago. Just because smell has this function, it can affect consumers' emotions and memories, so enterprises can lose no time to carry out fragrance marketing, use fragrance to advertise, so as to win customers.

Secondly, the careful design and selection of fragrance marketing is also an important factor in the successful implementation of fragrance marketing. For example, the use of environmentally friendly and branded perfumes in retail can improve transaction opportunities. Consumers shopping in this environment, because of the guidance and attraction of air fragrance, consumers will stay longer, choose more products is inevitable.

Guangzhou Anoma Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012. Is a collection of product design, research and development, production, sales for the integration of sweet atmosphere, enterprise, the company is located in Guangzhou baiyun district are wo street lu qing street, number 12, has more than 9000 square meters of modern standard workshop and automatic production lines, employees 100 people, provide ODM/OEM custom service, sweet atmosphere system solutions, with all kinds of sweet atmosphere product research and development production ability. And has a perfect product quality inspection department and system, strictly implement product safety and quality policy.