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Automobile 4S shop fragrance machine hotel scent machine market incense machine essential oil
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Automobile 4S shop fragrance machine hotel scent machine market incense machine essential oil

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Domestic brand automobile 4 s shop (auto exhibition) became popular as the brand flavored, spiced area mainly for car exhibition area and customer rest area of two parts, the unique fragrance make customers feel comfortable, happy, happy shopping atmosphere, increase customer experience, help to improve the merchant's service level, service level, improve the competitiveness of the brand and the brand image.

Aroma Automobile 4S shop perfume machine selection:

1, 5000 cubic meters of large space can choose P5000 split atomizer 5000 cubic meters of fast incense, can be connected to the central air conditioning system. It can be hung on the wall or placed on the ground.

2, B5000 large area fragrance diffuser built-in fan to accelerate the fragrance diffusion, can cover 5000 cubic meters of space, customize the setting of fragrance concentration and equipment working time.

3, B2000 large area incense expanding machine energy saving, environmental protection, the use of advanced two fluid atomization technology, the fragrance essential oil atomization into nano particles, fragrance is more delicate, more uniform.

4, P4500 vertical incense expanding machine is suitable for medium and large places to add incense, create aroma atmosphere, can set 4 groups of working time, aroma concentration can be set arbitrarily.

The specific installation scheme can be determined according to the spatial shape, spatial distribution and partition of the automobile 4S shop.

Choose From Westin White tea, Shangri-La, Fresh Bamboo, Amos White Tea, Water of a Lifetime, Paris Spring, Ocean Wind, Garden after rain, Spring Morning, Sofitel, Hilton, Marriott hotel, Intercontinental hotel, etc., can be customized according to customer requirements.

Guangzhou Aroma Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, specializing in the production and sales of car 4S shop perfume machine, hotel incense expanding machine, shopping mall incense adding machine, fragrance essential oil, incense expanding machine essential oil, hotel aromatherapy machine, the company focuses on space odor transmission, indoor air treatment, odor treatment, service scope: Hotel incense, KTV incense, airport waiting hall incense, brand car 4S shop incense, bar incense, cinema incense, office incense, office building incense, chain stores incense, shopping malls and other indoor space incense service.